Frequently Asked Questions

Before the treatment

Yes, the preliminary evaluation is free and mandatory for the feasibility assessment flow of a case. Simply upload to the portal:

  • personal and medical history data;
  • photos;
  • desired results;
  • orthopantomography (not mandatory but highly recommended)
  • digital or analogical impression (not mandatory but highly recommended)

The set up is processed in less than a week, depending on whether you send an intraoral scan or the physical impression, which is cast in the Sweden &Martina production center. Once the set up has been approved, the box containing the patient’s entire treatment plan will be delivered within 20 working days.

Generally, there are no grip points. If there are any, a special thermoformed positioning template will be provided.

With NOXI the IPR is usually deferred, especially if it is large, otherwise it is recommended before the delivery of aligner 1.

We suggest a macro-filled composite that is not too fluid so that it does not leak or protrude from the template.

With the first order of a NOXI case, the White Box (the box for checking the color variations of the aligners used by the patient) will also be automatically shipped, including three White Plate replacement bases. The replacement bases can be cleaned with water and bicarbonate or cleaning tablets and disinfected with hydrogen peroxide up to 20 Volumes. The White Box, always complete with 3 spare bases, can also be ordered optionally, in addition to the one supplied with the first case, the code is NX-SCATWB. Replacement bases can also be ordered without the box, in this case the code is NX-BAS-3.

The NOXIMINDER patient alert app and the one for controlling the color variation of the masks for use by the clinician, True White Box, can be downloaded free of charge from any store with both IOS and Android operating systems. The apps can also be downloaded through the QR codes present on NOXI brochures and packaging.

During the treatment

Only one aligner is always delivered. Initially, the one relating to the first step is delivered, with control after 15 days. If the extent of the movements obtained is satisfactory, the second mask is delivered at the check, and so on cyclically every 15 days.

If a patient loses or breaks the aligner after using it for 7-10 days, he can move on to the next one, which he will have to wear for 20 days instead of 15. If he loses it before wearing it or after only 1-5 days of use, a new one must be requested and in the meantime the patient must wear the previous one.

The new device will be delivered in 15-20 working days.

The aligners should be cleaned daily using simply running water at room temperature, avoiding the use of toothbrushes, detergent capsules, cleaning products and any product that could alter the structure of NOXI.

Since the treatment plan is studied by specialized orthodontists and not by a generic algorithm, it is possible that there may be small differences during the treatment compared to the 3D simulation. It is always advisable to get to the last step before evaluating the resolution of the case and the possible use of refinements. However, it is always possible to discuss with the tutor team and re-evaluate the case.

The indication is to wear NOXI 10-12 hours a day, in any case never less than 10. This means the whole night plus a few hours during the day when the patient stays at home. Of course, if the minimum 10 hours were consecutive it would be even better but this is not always possible.

To facilitate correct use of NOXI, an app has been created for the patient, Noximinder, which keeps track of the hours of use and provides useful reminders to the patient. The doctor has the True White Box application available, a practical aid for checking the color variations of the aligner and evaluating the patient’s compliance.

Yes, as long as it is programmed exclusively with the use of the last NOXI aligner of the treatment or with any subsequent retention device.

Sweden & Martina S.p.A. does not provide medical, dental, healthcare, or similar services nor does it practice medical, dental or provide medical opinions. Sweden & Martina S.p.A. exclusively manages the contact platform and creates the products according to the instructions provided by the Doctor.

The implementation of any suggestion provided by Sweden & Martina S.p.A. is left solely to the discretion of the Doctor, who is the only one who can decide on the patient’s treatment methods.

Any responsibilities relating to therapeutic choices and the treatment plan will be chargeable solely and exclusively to the Doctor.

Some products and/or treatment options incorporate predefined or preset treatment protocols, which are accepted by the Doctor with the approval of the digital treatment simulation. Information relating to treatment protocols is available on the website or when placing the order.

The order will become binding only following acceptance by Sweden & Martina S.p.A. which reserves all rights in this regard.

The treatment options of Sweden & Martina S.p.A. are aimed exclusively at dentists regularly registered in the register.

Sweden & Martina S.p.A. treatment options are available only to doctors who are up to date with payments and who operate in accordance with the corporate policies and practices adopted by Sweden & Martina S.p.A.

At the end of the treatment, Sweden & Martina S.p.A. reserves the right to request feedback from the Dentist regarding the patient’s treatment with the NOXI system.

Unlike the aligners, for the White Plate bases of the White Box, cleansing with water and bicarbonate or detergent tablets and disinfection with hydrogen peroxide up to 20 volumes is indicated.

After the treatment

Generally, from six months to a year, in any case as long as the treating doctor considers it appropriate.

No, because Perfection contains 6% hydrogen peroxide, has no urea and has a desensitizer inside.