F22 Aligner appliance

Transparent, practical, and with maximum comfort.

Using the F22 Invisible Aligner produced in Padua by Sweden & Martina at your clinical practice means offering your patients a state-of-the-art medical device, totally Made in Italy and developed with the scientific support of specialised orthodontists at the University of Ferrara

Why the F22 Aligner?

Constant assistance

The clinician who decides to work with F22 will immediately be supported by a tutor, i.e., a specialised orthodontist from the University of Ferrara School of Orthodontics, who will accompany him or her throughout the treatment. Whenever any doubts or questions come up, a team of experienced orthodontists who have taken on the case will be available for a direct and immediate discussion of the situation.

Why the F22 Aligner?

Cleaning and check ups

With the F22 invisible orthodontic appliance, there will be less chair time and fewer check-ups, because there are no wires or brackets to adjust. It will be sufficient to give the patient new aligners periodically, after checking the developments and progress of the treatment.
Why the F22 Aligner?


One of the features that sets the F22 apart from other aligners on the market is that the elements’ movements are not programmed by software. Instead, a specialised team studies each individual case analytically, planning every movement to the tenth of a millimetre, to guide the treating dentist all the way to the end of treatment

Why the F22 Aligner?

F22 for all ages

The F22 aligner system is suitable for all patients, ages 13 and up. Hence, clinicians with even the most demanding patients, whether older or not, can offer them an orthodontic solution that will preserve aesthetics and ensure excellent results.
Why the F22 Aligner?


Offering patients the option of wearing an invisible aligner, such as the F22, can meet both their aesthetic and functional requirements at the same time, as it will lead to perfect alignment and occlusion, without compromising the aesthetics of their appearance.



Why the F22 Aligner?

No restrictions

When a patient is offered orthodontic treatment, one of their first fears is that of being restricted in his eating and living habits. However, with the F22 invisible aligner, patients will have the freedom to continue living their normal lives by simply removing the appliance as needed.
Constant assistance
Cleaning and check ups
F22 for all ages
No restrictions

Team of orthodontists

The F22 team is made up of expert tutors, specialised at the University of Ferrara and Sweden & Martina’s in-house engineers and technicians who work every day at the F22 Centre to support clinicians every step of the way, from the beginning to the end of treatment. The painstaking, decades-long study makes it possible for the F22 team to analyse and optimise every aspect of the treatment, making improvements both from an aesthetic point of view (e.g., finishing) and in terms of production and materials with increasingly advanced equipment.


F22 devices are manufactured at the F22 Centre, a laboratory specifically created for the manufacture of invisible aligners. Sophisticated, state-of-the-art three-dimensional printers, combined with direct control of the entire production phase, guaranteeing a final product that is qualitatively unique in the market.
Manual finishing of each template by F22 technicians ensures utmost patient comfort.

EvoFlex dominates the movements

  • 1

    Greater elasticity

  • 2

    Utmost comfort

  • 3

    Gentler and more constant forces

Superior tracking for minimal pain

EvoFlex is a new stratified material with a highly elastic inner layer that:
  • EvoFlex imparts a gentler but constant initial force over the two weeks of use of each F22 Aligner and that accelerates and at the same time provides better control of tooth movement for greater treatment effectiveness.
  • EvoFlex is more comfortable for the patient because it minimises possible pain during the progressive movement of the teeth.
  • Its tear and tensile strength is 300% higher than the average of other materials.
  • It does not stain, so the aligner stays transparent for the duration of the treatment.

F22 aligners are truly transparent

The exclusive material from which F22 is made, the absence of defects, and the manual inspection of each aligner prior to delivery ensure up to 17% more transparency than other aligners on the market, for a truly natural effect.

Our customers’ smiles are also ours


Open day

Upon request, a Digital Specialist will work with you to collect patient cases and answer any of your questions.

Taking the impression and case submission

It will be necessary to take photographs, an X-ray and then an impression of the patient’s mouth.

Case study and 3D predictability

Once our experts have received your case, they will contact you so the most appropriate treatment plan can be defined together. You will be able to preview the final result in 3D.


Delivery of the aligners

You will receive a kit containing all the aligners, a carry case, and an aligner holder for your patient.

Regular check ups

About every two weeks, you will check your patient’s treatment progress and deliver their new aligners


If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact the tutor dedicated to your patient’s case.



If the patient wants to brighten his or her smile, recommend F22 PERFECTION, specially designed to be used with the aligners without having to take new impressions or make dedicated aligners.

Mantain your smile

To protect your patients’ smiles over time, prescribe F22 FIX maintenance retainers.


If you like, you can document the case and send it to Sweden & Martina to be published on the Clinical Cases or in the Patient Success Stories pages.

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