Open day

L'happening F22 at your offices

Open Day is an event that you organise at your offices with the support of Sweden & Martina and your local contact person. A Digital Specialist will attend the event to provide support when you take the intraoral impression. Then a tutor will outline a preliminary evaluation for each case received on the day, with a rough indication of the number of aligners needed to achieve at the final result.

What is the support
of F22

Materials for your office

Sweden & Martina will provide you with marketing materials to help you present F22 to your patients and to communicate the date of the event, explaining its programme and structure. The materials will include a collapsible frame for your waiting room to hold flyers, a video to play on monitors you might have, a pair of upper and lower jaw models with aligners so you can physically show your patients the appliances, as well as impression trays in different sizes.

What is the support
of F22

Dedicated social media campaign

Sweden & Martina will also provide you with a series of posts designed to present F22 and the Open Day event on the social media channels you usually use for your practice. This way you will also be able to reach potential patients who do not yet know you but who may want to have their case evaluated. That way, this becomes an opportunity for your practice to grow and expand its patient base.

Benefits of the Open Day

Participating in an event with such strong branding as is provided by the manufacturer company builds loyalty among your clients and helps to attracts potential new patients. Statistically, 75% of cases deemed feasible turn into actual treatments. So much more than just a consultation, the patient feels free to access your office, resolve doubts and take the time to assess feasibility

New contacts with patients

The social aspect of the Open Day has the primary goal of activating new clients at your practice. For this type of communication, you are supported by preset, professional templates, which are easy to use through their publication directly from your account. By presenting yourself directly from your profile, it will also be even easier to obtain long-term loyalty, as the patient will also be able to consult all the other services available at your clinic, click “like” or “follow” on the page of the doctor caring for you, and you will not miss any updates.

How does it work?

Fill in the form below with your practice details. You will be notified by your local contact person, with whom you will also be able to set the date of the event according to your needs and the availability of the F22 specialists who will accompany you during the Open Day.

Once you have received the physical and digital materials from Sweden & Martina, you can present the event to patients who may be interested in aligner treatment. Explain to them how the aligners are made, how long they should be worn, and how during the Open Day they can have a free assessment of their case based on the digital impression taken by our specialist.You can share the posts we have prepared for you and collect requests from potential new patients on social media.

During the Open Day you will receive free preliminary assessments of all the patients who attended the event. Then you can call them back to your surgery to propose the treatment plan designed by the orthodontists specialised at the School of Orthodontics of the University of Ferrara. What is more, you will be able to explain to your patients that this is not the usual standard treatment processed by an algorithm, but a treatment plan that has been tailor-made by a specialist. You can show each of them the movement of their teeth over time, the final result, the possibility of integrating whitening with F22 Perfection and then you can answer their questions, also with the support of the F22 Team.

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