NOXI The aligner you only use at night

Designed by the team specialized at Ferrara School of Orthodontics

*Not available for all countries at the moment*

What is NOXI

NOXI is an aligner designed and studied specifically to be used only at night thanks to its unique characteristics, which make the movement predictable and stable even in less hours of application.


NOXI was born from the experience of over 50,000 cases studied by specialized tutors at the School of Orthodontics of the University of Ferrara on the basis of an intense research activity to develop a different module for the application of forces respect to standard clear aligners.

Who created  NOXI

Noxi was born from the experience of prof. Giuseppe Siciliani and prof. Luca Lombardo together with the team of specialized orthodontists at the School of Orthodontics of the University of Ferrara, the first in Europe to introduce the study of aligners for its students. The team already tutors all F22 cases produced by Sweden & Martina and has gained experience of over 50.000 cases. The analysis of this large amount of data led the team to study the relationship between the movement of the teeth and the type, topography and intensity of the forces applied, as a function of time.


The researchers thus discovered that it is possible to obtain the same movement in a shorter application time, but only by intervening on the total modulus of the forces exerted by the aligner, i.e. by increasing the forces at certain points of the arch. This clinical need led, after a long testing phase, to the search for a new material and a new production technology to make NOXI the first true aligner formulated for night use only.

Where it is produced 

NOXI it is manufactured by Sweden & Martina within the advanced production area created specifically for this process.

Why you should choose NOXI

Satisfaction of the patient

NOXI it is the first aligner specifically designed to work even by applying it only 10 hours per night, which is what all patients would like.

Why you should choose NOXI

Specialist tutoring included

Specialists from School of Orthodontics of Ferrara, who developed this new technique, are able to identify together with the clinician which patients can be treated with NOXI with a predictable expectation of success.

Why you should choose NOXI


The innovative EVOSTRONG is a material that allows to differentiate the application of forces and therefore to obtain, for the same number of aligners, the same results as traditional clear aligners.

Why you should choose NOXI

Better hygiene management

With NOXI the patient avoids the problem of cleaning the aligner after meals when away from home, because the aligner it is only used in the evening, at home, with the time and tools to clean the teeth properly before wearing the aligner.

Why you should choose NOXI

Movement control

The design, obtained through a patented software, and the innovative EVOSTRONG material they allow a differentiated application of forces in the different segments of the arch, to generate a movement that does not tend to recur.

Why you should choose NOXI


Two apps to achieve the intended result, not only thanks to monitoring patient compliance, but also thanks to a better communication between the doctor and the patient.

Satisfaction of the patient
Specialist tutoring included
Better hygiene management
Movement control


TRUE WHITE BOX it is the control system developed to check whether the aligner has been worn by the patient for a sufficient number of hours. By inserting the aligner into the appropriate container, the TRUE WHITE BOX app will objectively evaluate the chromatic variations of EVOSTRONG occurred during the two weeks of use and will report whether compliance was sufficient.


The evaluation is performed thanks to a colorimetric system which, thanks to the color change of EVOSTRONG, allows you to detect whether the mask has been worn sufficiently.


The detection is performed with the cell phone camera through a special app, placing the aligner inside the special White Box provided by Sweden & Martina.

NOXIMINDER Everything under control

NOXIMINDER it is the tool made available to the patient to help him remember to wear NOXI during the scheduled hours of use. The app, which can be downloaded from the moment the patient receives the first aligner, will inform that it is time to wear NOXI with discreet but effective alerts and will keep track of the days in which the target was totally or partially achieved.

NOXI Also most demanding patients like it!

There are patients who struggle more than others to follow the doctor’s instructions. In the case of transparent aligners this means using the aligners less than prescribed, poor oral hygiene, using the aligner on teeth that are not clean, complaints of discomfort or altered phonation, up to the refusal of orthodontic treatment if this impacts too much on daily activities. NOXI is ideal for this segment of patients also, because it removes their resistance a priori and meets theirs daily necessities, therefore requires a lower effort, more sustainable.

NOXI when to use it

With Noxi it is possible to treat most of the adult or growing patients with:

  • Crowdings;
  • Diastema;
  • Bolton index discrepancies requiring prosthetic restorations or stripping for complete correction;
  • Irregular gingival scalloping in patients with worn or irregular teeth;
  • Mild to moderate open bites or deep bites.


However, the clinician has the responsibility to carry out the correct diagnosis, to monitor treatment and to check that the aligners adhere perfectly to the teeth in every phase of the treatment.

Free prelminary assessment

The evaluation of the feasibility of a case begins with the free preliminary evaluation.


The clinician simply uploads to the portal:

  • personal and anamnestic data;
  • photos;
  • desired results;
  • orthopantomography (not mandatory but highly recommended)
  • digital or analogic impression (not mandatory but highly recommended)

Within 24/48 hours from the request for evaluation, a tutor from the NOXI F22 Team will post the preliminary evaluation of the case on the reserved personal page of the clinician with: the feasibility of the case with NOXI or not, the indication of the range of aligners necessary to obtain the result (0-12 / 12-24 / more than 24) and the need for any additional treatments. In case of acceptance of the free preliminary evaluation, it will be necessary to continue with the set-up, adding the orthopantomography if not yet loaded, the lateral side projected teleradiography of the skull (highly recommended) and the digital or analogic impression. 

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