Clinical cases

Correction of upper and lower crowding with the F22 Aligner

Patient with tooth crowding in the anterior sector in both arches. Treatment performed over 5 months in 10 steps, with lingually positioned grip points.
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Case of skeletal discrepancy

Patient with severe transverse skeletal discrepancy. The first expansion phase was performed with a MAPA System. The next phase of dental alignment and coordination of the arches was performed with F22 treatment.
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Pre-prosthetic preparation with F22 Aligner

Patient with diastemas in both arches. Reduction of spaces for subsequent application of prosthetic veneers.
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Case of lower crowding

Patient with severe crowding in the lower arch and deviated midlines.
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Case of subdivision treated with F22 Aligners

Patient presenting with class II canine and right molar and class I molar and left canine, contracted arches, dental cross bite. Deviated midlines, presence of diastemas in upper arch, and crowding in lower arch.
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