Frequently Asked Questions

Before treatment

The setup is processed in less than a week, depending on whether you send an intraoral scan or a physical impression, which will be cast at the F22 centre. Once the setup is approved, in 10 working days you will receive the box containing the patient’s entire treatment plan.

With F22 the stripping is usually deferred, especially if it is extensive, otherwise it will be suggested before the delivery of aligner 1. The grip points can be deferred at the request of the clinician, but this should be discussed with the tutor on a case-by-case basis to best manage each patient.

Many clinicians rub the tooth with a rubber eraser before etching to create a rougher surface and more grip. When placing the grip points it may be helpful to use an insulator (Vaseline) inside the template to prevent its retention.

We recommend using a macro-filled composite that is not too fluid, so that it does not drip or overflow from the template.

During treatment

Usually those involved in the first step, with a check-up after 15 days. Subsequently, two steps can be delivered at a time, with a check-up at one month.

Usually, you will receive the copy requested in 3 – 4 working days. In the meantime, the patient can use the previous aligner to conserve the result obtained.

Since the treatment plan has been designed by specialised orthodontists and not by a generic algorithm, it is possible that there will be some small differences during the treatment compared to the 3D simulation. It is always advisable to reach the last step before assessing the resolution of the case. It will always be possible to discuss the case with the F22 team and to add a final finishing touch to the treatment.

At mealtimes, the patient can cover the grip points with a little orthodontic wax. The grip points can also be slightly rounded with a burr. However, not too much material should be removed so that the correct distribution of the aligner forces is not lost.

After the treatment

From six months to a year.

No, because F22 Perfection, which contains 6% hydrogen peroxide and no urea, contains a desensitiser.

Stay aligned