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The objective of the F22 Academy is to contribute to the research and dissemination of the F22 family of devices through seminars, meetings and discussions led by the team of orthodontists who specialised at the University of Ferrara. You can become an F22 Academy Partner one you have treated 5 cases with F22 Aligners. Then, with the experience of at least 20 cases you can become an Active Partner.

How to become an F22 Partner

Just fill in the form at the bottom of this page and an orthodontic specialist will come to you to explain the F22 offer. You can even organise an Open Day for your patients, with marketing support from Sweden & Martina. That way, you can gather the first cases to be treated together with the tutors.

Upon reaching the first 5 cases you will become an F22 Partner, receive a plaque to display in your office and marketing materials to help you communicate with your patients. You will also appear on the search map of this site, so that you can be reached by all potential patients in your area, even those who may not know you.

With 20 cases you will become an F22 Active Partner and your new status will be shown on the map and on the new plaque we will present to you, together with a free copy of the book entirely dedicated to F22, by Prof. Siciliani and his team. You will also receive advance information on F22 events and publications.

F22 Aligners From research to clinic

The book by Prof. Siciliani’s team is a must-have not only for neophytes, but also for more experienced users who want to explore new clinical opportunities. The present and future of invisible orthodontics is narrated by researchers to clinicians through an in-depth rationale and 19 complete case histories.

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