In today’s society, where health and attractive teeth have a significant effect on mental and physical wellbeing and are an incentive for social and professional success,
having a perfect smile has become an extremely common ambition: F22 represents a valid therapeutic alternative to conventional
types of orthodontic treatment with multibrackets, without compromising facial aesthetics or the habits of patients, and guaranteeing excellent
in brief times.
Using F22 in your clinical practice means offering your patients advanced treatments created entirely in Italy,
thereby reducing times and costs. 

F22 also offers dentists a tutoring system for the entire duration of treatment, allowing information to be exchanged directly
and immediately
 with a team of experts, to guarantee totally predictable results

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The team of orthodontists who plan treatment and the practitioner responsible keep in contact for the entire duration of treatment to guarantee that the expected objectives are achieved. 


F22 fits exceptionally accurately to the arch, leaving a space between the aligner and the teeth of less than 40 microns. Thanks
to this direct contact, the forces applied, although very light, are therefore fully transmitted.


The material used to make F22 makes it up to 17% more transparent than any other aligner available on the market.


You wear it but can’t feel it: F22 is extremely comfortable thanks to its great elasticity, edges that are rounded without

roughness, and perfect grip.


The perfectly smooth surface and the properties of the material guarantee that pigments are not retained: F22

Aligner keeps its transparency unaltered.


Patients can be shown all the virtual steps of the treatment even before it begins, to enhance their compliance and
to give them an active role in the planning process.

The planning of an optimal treatment starts with a
detailed preliminary orthodontic examination.
The orthodontist carefully assesses all aspects, and
after subsequently analysing the photos,
X-rays and models, plans a specific
orthodontic treatment for your needs.

A team of expert orthodontists from the Orthognatodontics Specialization School of Ferrara University create a virtual treatment based on particularly precise biomechanical criteria, using the latest technological developments in the field of aligners, Thanks to the digital setup, you’ll be able to see and analyse every single treatment<br />

As soon as you receive the complete treatment, you’ll
be able to give your patient the first pair of aligners, to be
worn for 15 days. With every subsequent examination,
you’ll give the patient the new pairs, according to the
improvements observed during treatment.

Our primary aim is to allow you to give your patients the smile they’ve always wanted in the shortest possible time and in absolute comfort. With F22 Aligner, your patients will regain their self-confidence and will be able to smile again without embarrassment.

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